Company VKM Trading OÜ

VKM Trading OÜ was established in 2007 as a result of joining two Estonian companies: Senderlen OÜ and Starplast OÜ.
Both companies, Starplast OÜ and Senderlen OÜ, were active and manufacturing PET based plastic containers.
VKM Trading OÜ has a long term experience manufacturing plastic containers in a following specific areas :
food manufacturing industry – drinking water, juices, dairy products, edible oils, still and carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages.
household and automotive chemical products – cleaning and deso products, ignition fluid for BBQ, industrial oils.
As per interest VKM Trading OÜ has experienced specialists to help out designing and manufacturing custom designed mold.

Our product:

We are specialized in manufacturing PET plastic containers with capacity from 0.1L – 10L.

To our manufactured plastic containers we offer closures and handles.

In addition to locally manufactured PET containers we offer:

  1. HDPE containers
  2. PET jars
  3. PET preforms
  4. Caps, lids and handles

Why us?

VKM Trading OÜ is currently the only company in Estonia active in manufacturing PET containers in such a large variety. Year long experience has resulted in a high level of quality and trust which is proved by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

We value the importance of as a signing a UN certificate to our 1L transparent and black PET bottle.
VKM Trading OÜ is the only Estonian company certified by UN certificate which allows our partners in Estonia and elsewhere safely market and handle flammable liquids.
The safety of our PET plastic containers used in food manufacturing industry is guaranteed by regularly occurring tests carried out by Central lab of Estonian Health Board.

Production process?

Manufacturing process of PET containers starts by purchasing preforms from our Lithuanian preform manufacturers. To produce a PET bottle, our engineers have more than 100 molds to choose from. In a case of wanting to use an originally shaped and designed bottle, then please contact us

What is PET?

PET – polyethylenterephtalat
PET bottles received patent in a year1 973 and in year 1977 industrial recycling got started. The increased usage of PET containers was due to its low cost and practicality. Considering environmental safety requirements special attention is paid to collecting used PET containers for the purpose of recycling. In the world in every second 20 000 plastic bottles are manufactured out of which large percentage will get recycled.
According to statistics in Estonia in years from 2012 – 2015, 90% of manufactured plastic containers got collected and most of it got recycled.