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VKM Trading OÜ was founded in 2007. in the year following the merger of two companies, Senderlen LLC and Starplast LLC. Starplast Ltd was involved in the production of PET Tare in 1997. since, Senderlen LLC 1999. year.

Why we?

Today, VKM Trading OÜ is the only company in Estonia that is engaged in the production of PET Tare in such a wide range. Years of experience have brought quality and reliability, as evidenced by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.
We consider it very important to attach the UN certificate to the 1L transparent and black plastic bottle. The UN certificate is held only by VKM Trading OÜ in Estonia and allows our partners to safely market and transport flammable liquid both in Estonia and abroad.

The safety of PET Tare for food packaging is guaranteed by regular tests at the Health Board’s central laboratory in Tallinn, Paldiski mnt. 81



Our products

We specialize only in the production of PET Tare (0.1 L – 10L).

We offer PP caps and handles for manufactured plastic containers.

In addition to locally produced PET Tare, we offer:

HDPE cans
PET jars
PET preforms e. blanks
PP caps, lids and handles
Design and manufacture of personal press form


Production process

How does the manufacturing process occur?

The production of PET Tare begins with the purchase of raw materials. VKM Trading OÜ uses preformes produced in Lithuania for this purpose. We then select a form with a suitable design from more than 100 Press forms, which the technician assembles into an automated bottle blowing machine. If there is a desire to have an exciting and unique bottle shape, then we will help in the completion of the new press form. Contact us


Polyethylene terephthalate

What is PET?

PET bottles were patented in 1973. in and 1977. in the year began their industrial recycling. The widespread introduction of PET Tare was due to the favorable price and practicality. In terms of environmental sustainability, a lot of attention is paid to the collection and recycling of used PET Tare. However, it should be noted that a large proportion of the material is made up of short-lived plastic products.
Worldwide, 20,000 plastic bottles are produced every second, most of which are later recycled.
According to statistics, almost 90% of plastic containers have been collected in Estonia between 2012 and 2015, most of which are recycled


Our partners