Support from Kik for resource efficiency investment VKM Trading OÜ received a grant of EUR 135 175 from Kik under the action "Energy and resource efficiency of enterprises" "investments in the best possible resource efficient technology; support for resource management systems and supporting IT applications", which will implement the project "small project investment of VKM Trading OÜ"during the period 01.02.2020 - 30.11.2020. The project aims to increase the resource productivity of the production process with new innovative technology in the form of blowing device, LED lighting and compressor and improve from 2021. annual company resource use by 1.7% per unit of finished product. The investment will result in an improvement in resource use by 1.7% and cost efficiency by 2.0%.

VKM Trading OÜ small project investment THE AIM OF THE PROJECT IS TO IMPROVE THE RESOURCE USE OF PRODUCTION. The project involves the purchase of a new blowtorch, compressor and the installation of energy-saving LED lighting.

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